Open Letter to the Brazil 2019 Fulbright ETA Cohort

Prezados Amigx: I can’t believe a year ago I was arriving in São Paulo for the 2018 Fulbright Brasil Orientation. For this new cohort there is a number a fellow 2018 ETAs who are returning to Brasil for Fulbright 2.0 and very close friends who are mentors. Bravo and parabéns!  I can’t wait to hear what treasures you will find on your new journey in … Continue reading Open Letter to the Brazil 2019 Fulbright ETA Cohort

6 months: Mid-Year Enhancement Seminar

Oi, Gente! Tudo bom?? Some updates from the last month of my time in Brazil. A LOT has happened. In July 120 of us came together in Salvador, Bahia for our Mid- Year Enhancement seminar to reflect, reenergize, and reconnect with our purpose as Fulbright Scholars in Brazil! Hard to believe I am halfway done with this grant. During our time in Salvador we went on … Continue reading 6 months: Mid-Year Enhancement Seminar

Caronas, National Truckers’ Strike, and More!

Today marks 4 months since I arrived in São Paulo for orientation. Since the last blog post in April many moments have continued to shape my understanding of the Brazilian way of life, the people, and how language informs culture. Throughout these four months I have met new people and continued to practice my Portuguese language skills. One of the newest cultural immersive experiences I … Continue reading Caronas, National Truckers’ Strike, and More!

There is room for Transformation

Oi Gente! Tudo bom? 🙂 Last we found each other I wrote about my name and the many interactions I experience daily in Brazil. These encounters still happen since we have started our conversation clubs and workshops open to the community. Thus, I meet new people every week and ask them to give me their own personal definition of Delicia. Individuals still blush when they … Continue reading There is room for Transformation

What’s in a Name?

Closing out Sunday with: Deli, Delícia, Delizia, & Delichia…  This week’s blog post comes with many personal reflections on how I move through spaces in Brazil, more specifically Lavras. I came to Brazil with an open mind and ready to experience other people’s doubt regarding my identity, given the stereotypical ways in which “Americans” are viewed globally. I expected to get stares and squints regarding … Continue reading What’s in a Name?